Our mission is to reduce the complexity and costs of pharmacy benefits as much as possible based on a cleaner business approach driven by the world’s most advanced and flexible technology platform.

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The Problem

Employers are spending more and more every year on prescription medications for their members. As pharmaceutical prices continue to rise, initial instincts are to blame drug manufacturers for the rising cost of drugs. But surprisingly, when you take a deeper look you find a different story: PBMs are often to blame.

The Solution

SmithRx has built an evolved client-aligned version of a PBM to combat these rising costs: The Drug Acquisition Platform (DAP), which maximizes drug savings for employers across America.

100% Pass Through Pricing

  • A business model aligned with our clients’ needs

    The plan sponsor always pays what the pharmacy is paid, and receives all manufacturer dollars (rebates) received on their behalf. Smith does not take economics from the supply chain. We aspire to build trust, not pricing spreads.

  • No hidden costs

    A flat per claim administration fee allows you to always know what you are paying for our services. Smith’s only source of revenue is a per claim fee that is transparently disclosed and easily audited.

  • Working together to reduce drug costs

    Our flat fee structure and pass-through pricing removes misaligned incentives that come from collecting money through the supply chain. SmithRx is your ideal pharmacy benefit partner: agnostic to the source of supply, so we can always find you the lowest-cost path.

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Technology Enabled

  • Transitioning members with ease

    Our modern software enables rapid integrations with new groups and partners, and streamlines the interactions with members.

  • Modern, full-stack, modular platform

    While most PBMs attempt to operate cobbled-together software systems built in the ‘80s, SmithRx has built a modern new technology infrastructure from the bottom up.

  • Maximum data visibility and auditability

    Always know the true cost of your pharmacy benefits by following the flow of dollars through the supply chain.

  • Insightful reporting and analysis

    Actionable data that can lead to informed decisions on managing your pharmacy spend.

Drug Connect™

  • Algorithmic approach to finding the lowest-cost drugs

    We run every claim through algorithms that look for lower cost options through a variety of methods. We balance pharmacy distribution, clinical management, rebates, and special programs to always find the lowest cost option.

  • High-impact specialty programs, seamlessly integrated

    We deploy innovative programs to target and reduce specialty drug spend. All programs are run in-house by Smith to minimize member disruption and minimize cost.

  • Even for our highest-impact specialty programs - our fees are still flat

    While some bolt-on specialty solutions take a percentage of savings, we think those savings belong to our clients. We charge for our specialty services based on effort, not savings, which means costs 2-3x less than industry peers.

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200+ Brokers & Integrations

We work with the companies you already know and love.

Partnering with SmithRx to provide transparent pharmacy benefits helps us deliver low-cost, high-quality care. Their pass-through model is the best way to ensure prescription drug pricing is fair.

Will Young
CEO at Sana Benefits

My loudest and most challenging group was handled perfectly in the first 30 days post-go-live by SmithRx. If it were up to me, I would put every one of my new groups with SmithRx.

Ken Mensio
Vice President at Risk Strategies

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Ready to make the leap?


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