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Launching 2023
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Pharmacy Benefits, Evolved.

SmithRx is transforming patients' lives with modern, transparent, and responsive healthcare technology.

SmithRx is a new type of PBM

We combine fully-auditable modern technology with innovative sourcing pathways to drive down pharmacy costs for our clients. We aspire to be your pharmacy benefit partner, working together to lower your healthcare spend.

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The Problem

Drug costs are rising, driven by complexity in a confusing and opaque supply chain. Middlemen PBMs take advantage of the complexity which results in higher drug costs for American patients and their employers.

The Solution

SmithRx has built an evolved client-aligned version of a PBM to combat these rising costs: The Drug Acquisition Platform (DAP), which maximizes drug savings for employers across America.

What is a Drug Acquisition Platform?

It’s a PBM, but evolved to deliver optimal savings for our clients. Our DAP doesn’t play smoke-and-mirror pricing games or hide costs. It uses client-alignment, technology, and integrated programming to find the lowest cost pathway to the drugs your members need.

In short, we remove the complexities and provide you with access to the treatment you need at the lowest possible cost. The result is significant savings for both the member and the plan sponsor.

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Transparent, pass-through business model fully aligned with our clients

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A modern PBM built on agile, 21st century technology

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Drug Connect™ integrates a variety of programs to find the least-cost drug

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Maximum Rx Savings, Minimum Patient Disruption

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200+ Brokers & Integrations

We work with the companies you already know and love.

Group of five workers

The SmithRx team in general is very kind and supportive. They are excellent at what they do and have gone out of their way to help me.

Alex, Massachusetts

I am so impressed with the SmithRx member support team and the time and effort they put into helping members find the lowest cost options. They have great subject matter expertise and make the process so easy.

Sarah, Georgia

Partnering with SmithRx to provide transparent pharmacy benefits helps us deliver low-cost, high-quality care. Their pass-through model is the best way to ensure prescription drug pricing is fair.

Will Young
CEO at Sana Benefits

My loudest and most challenging group was handled perfectly in the first 30 days post-go-live by SmithRx. If it were up to me, I would put every one of my new groups with SmithRx.

Ken Mensio
Vice President at Risk Strategies

Ready to make the leap?

Ready to make the leap?


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