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Stop Paying Too Much For Drugs

Pharmacy Benefits, Evolved

SmithRx is transforming patients’ lives with modern, transparent, and responsive health care technology. We’re creating a more efficient system to connect payers, pharmacy benefits, pharmacies, employers and patients to ensure the delivery of effective and low cost drugs

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Who is SmithRx

We are a new type of pharmacy benefits manager

Pharmacy benefits are broken. The overly complex monopolies built by big PBMs only serve their bottom lines. SmithRx is a transparent, pass-through pharmacy benefits manager for self-insured employers. We operate independently from insurance companies and pharmacies so that our incentives are 100% aligned with our customers. Our modern technology and innovative cost savings programs connect our members to the lowest cost drugs.

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What We Do

Help you save on drug spend

SmithRx is working to reduce the complexity and cost of pharmacy benefits by building a new type of PBM committed to transparency and aligned with employers and members.

We Find The Lowest-Cost Drugs

Innovative sourcing pathways allow us to be exhaustive in our search for the lowest cost drugs.

No games, Just Savings on Pharmacy Benefits

Flat-rate, transparent pricing model aligns us with employer groups and delivers savings on their pharmacy benefits without the use of spread pricing, rebates, or other games.

Industry Leading Member Experience

Our modern technology serves as the foundation for our efficient, member-centered experience and the efficient engine that connects members to savings programs.


Advanced member tools

Find your pharmacy cards, prescriptions and directions to the pharmacy with the best price so you’ll know how much you owe before you get to the checkout counter.

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Proof Points

Pharmacy costs have more than doubled in the past 20 years

Increasing drug costs and lack of visibility into pricing has driven unprecedented increase in employers’ pharmacy spend.

Proof Points

SmithRx employers see significant per member per month (PMPM) savings (80$ vs $65)

SmithRx saves employers on average 25% on their pharmacy spend.


Members love SmithRx

Saving employers on their drug costs means little if employees are unhappy. Our member experience, supported by our technology and phenomenal staff is the best in the industry.


I dealt with a lady named Brittany. She was amazing. She went above and beyond to ensure I was able to get everything I needed to have my son’s medicine at a very critical point in the refill process She’s the kind of employee every company wants and I’m sure SmithRx values her very much. Thank you Brittany.


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in October 2022. My employer uses Smith RX for their prescription plan- I continued with Smith RX through COBRA. Smith RX assisted me with completion of a Patient Assistance Program for my immunotherapy script with the manufacturer that THANKFULLY saved me thousands of dollars per year. Their team has also assisted me in attempting to access my medications for as low cost as possible. They even follow up to ensure my scripts have been received in a timely fashion. Their employees are extremely kind and easy to work with- they are knowledgeable, responsive and professional. When you are suddenly presented with a disabling disease, such as metastatic cancer, every interaction that saves stress contributes to overall health and a step toward healing.


I phoned SmithRx after my pharmacy notified me that my prescription was not covered by my insurance. The representative I spoke with first verified my information and upon my request emailed me a copy of my insurance information. Next, she looked up the medication that was denied to verify coverage. Once coverage was verified, she went a step further and volunteered to contact my pharmacy to ensure they had the correct member Rx ID# on file. It turns out the pharmacy had old information on file. The problem was addressed, corrected, and my prescription was ready to go. The SmithRx representative was helpful, kind, and so informative. As far as customer service goes, this was top notch.


I spoke with Tonya (customer service rep) and she was so kind, understanding, and helpful. I was feeling very stressed and frustrated when I called, and Tonya was calm and compassionate. I really appreciated her empathy for my situation. She even called me back after we ended our call to let me know that she was able to authorize an override for 3 months so that my children could receive their medication. Tonya is one of the nicest customer service reps I have ever spoken with, and I am very grateful for her help.


Kellie was so helpful in getting me set up with the specialty pharmacy. Not only did she give me updates as we went through the process, but she also followed up to ensure they had my prescription and let me know when they mailed it to me. You don't get friendly, pro-active service like this often. I really appreciated her efforts.


Sydney was my customer service rep... I cannot say enough good things about her. She went above and beyond to take care of my issues, figure out why the issues were happening, resolve THOSE issues, and put in a return call telling me that all was corrected and that I should be having no other issues with these prescriptions. She then offered to transfer me to the mail order group to get set up with them. If everyone at Smith RX is like Sydney, then I know I am in good hands.


Words can't adequately describe how pleased I am with the help I received from Smith Rx CSR Sara J. this afternoon. For nearly 90 minutes, she pleasantly, patiently and professionally guided me through the process of setting up an account, then spent time going through individual medications to ensure I got the best coverage possible. If I could put my gratitude in her paycheck, she'd be a millionaire!


I spoke with a custom service rep named Tannen. They were very helpful and polite. My pharmacy was trying to charge me for medication that I’ve taken for 2+ plus years that had previously been completely covered. A quick conversation with Tannen and they volunteered to call the pharmacy for me and make sure the correct information was on file. Received a call back from Tannen and they had everything straightened out for me.


Customer service is A1. Had the pleasure of working with Mark on an authorization approval and he did an excellent job. He also helped me with questions regarding my insurance. It was a pleasure to deal with such a professional, friendly person.

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