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Lowest Net Cost

September 7, 2023Education

The direct path to reducing pharmacy costs isn’t through rebates At SmithRx we think about pharmacy benefits through the lens…

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SmithRx Clients Drug Costs Remain Significantly Below Industry Benchmarks

August 29, 2023Education

While drug costs are increasing rapidly, SmithRx’s clients see pharmacy costs fall or remain flat American patients and the employers…

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If Blue Shield with 4.8m member lives can’t get a fair deal with the Big 3 PBMs, your self-insured business probably can’t either

August 24, 2023Education

The Big 3 PBMs manage thousands of “MAC lists” which enable them to charge different prices for the same drug…

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Understanding the cost of your prescription medications

August 17, 2023Education

Have you ever gone to pick up a prescription and been surprised by the cost (either more or less than…

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Biosimilars 101

July 24, 2023Education

With new biosimilars for Humira available this year, many of you have had questions about biosimilars: what they are, how…

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Same drug, two different prices? Legacy PBMs play games with Humira biosimilars

July 8, 2023Education

On January 31, 2023, Amgen released Amjevita, the first biosimilar for AbbVie’s Humira. This ended AbbVie’s 20-year monopoly for a…

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